Color Changing Spoons

Knowing More About Color Changing Spoons

November 10, 2017

These are kitchenwares that utilize the thermochromism property. Items that exhibit this characteristic are known to change their color whenever there is a change in temperature. These spoons are made using chemicals that are capable of taking up light that is in the perceptible range. The thing is that the different particles that are used usually have different strengths of absorbing the light and this implies that they get to absorb light differently. It is this property that makes them change their appearance whenever there is a fluctuation in temperature. Leucodyes are the chemicals that have been used in the making of these spoons. Normally, they start off as a given color and then as the temperature fluctuates, different colors become apparent.

As a business operator, you can use these kinds of color changing frozen dessert spoons to help you stand out from your competitors. These particular spoon serving items get to change their color with temperature changes if you are in the frozen drinks business these are the items that you need to have all the time. For the young ones, they will want to visit the place over and over again so that they can feed as they watch the items change their appearance. You can select to have the kinds whose new or current color matches with the particular theme of your outlet. On top of the fact that this will make the pace look good, it will make the experience of a first time user to be a great one.

Not only can they be used for commercial purposes, they can also be used at home.  They are light to lift and they do not also occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. The fact that they are light and keep changing their color makes them be good in the feeding of a child. Children will want to keep feeding so that they keep watching the color changes taking place. Make sure to check out this website at and know more about spoons.

These color changing ice cream spoons come in different designs. They are categorically made to fit the particular meal that they are designed for. Mostly, these are used in the fast food industry as most of them can be reused. For those people that care about the environment, these are the items that they should invest in. Also, depending on the person that is going to use them, whether an adult or a child, they are available in various sizes.

Facts On Heat Changing Spoons

November 10, 2017

Babies are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. It can be so painful to burn your baby's tongue with food that was too hot. What most parents do is taste the food to feel if it is the right temperature for their kids. Most of the time you find that you burn your own lips trying to protect your baby. With the rise in technology, there ought to be something that will make this much easier and effective. Heat changing spoons are designed to do just that and will do all the work for you.

They are made of polypropylene plastic that has a heat sensitive color. This is to alert the parents or guardians if food is too hot for the baby. What the spoon does is that it changes color depending on the amount of heat in the food. The color changing spoon has a long handle to be able to reach into pots and jars of food and the tips as small as a teaspoon. The tips are made very soft and tender suitable for baby lips. The spoons come in very bright colors like pink and red, you can choose one depending on the favorite color of your baby.

When food is too hot, the spoon will change to a lighter color and when lukewarm it will go back to its original color. For example if the spoon was red, it will change to a bright yellow when it is too hot. When you are warming the food using a microwave, you can leave the spoon inside so that you can tell at a glance if the food is at the right temperature. This will ensure that you don't burn your kid's lips with the food. The ice cream spoons which change colors is also determined and affected by the general room temperature and other conditions.

The material used to make these spoons is safe for babies as young as 4 months. They are totally safe for your young one and don't have any toxins that you should be worried about. When you are introducing your baby to solid foods, you don't have to worry about what is safe to use and how you will safely feed them. Know more about spoons at

How about cleaning and maintenance? These heat changing spoons are made in a way that they can withstand washing by use of the dishwasher. It is safe to use them in the microwave to determine the heat in food. You can easily sterilize the spoons because they will not react negatively to sterilizer. Just make sure that the chemicals you use are not very harsh.

Understand the Different Uses of Color Changing Spoons

November 10, 2017

Human beings use different colors for passing information such as warnings. Like adults too, our children lives should be full of color and pimp. Different beautiful colors will be used in different places to make children feel at home or amused. For this reason, even manufactures of kid's toys, cutlery and structures have kids things made in a variety of colors. A recent addition into the colorful world of kid's appliances and tools is the color changing spoons.

A color changing spoons is a spoon made of a material that is affected by difference in temperatures. Majority of these spoons are made of color sensitive plastics materials as opposed to normal spoons which may be made from metal. Change in temperature when inserted in a food or solution with a different temperature makes the spoon change its color. These spoons are mostly used in scooping ice-cream or milk products. This change of color captivates the attention of your child and amuses them too. The use of color changing spoons is not limited to children only since even adults may also use them.

Sometimes knowing the right temperature of the food to give to a child is tricky. For adults, therefore, color changing spoons can be useful in feeding time. There are special color changing spoons designed to specifically check food temperature. The manufactures have them manufactured in a way that if the food is too hot for the child, the color of the spoon changes, warning you to allow for the food to cool before feeding it to the child. If the food is in the right temperature range for your child's consumption, the color of the spoon doesn't change.

When buying frozen dessert spoons that change color, the one thing you need to consider is its temperature range. There are some color changing spoons for cold temperatures and others specifically made for hot foods. A spoon made for foods with low temperatures like ice-cream cannot change color when put in a hotter beverage or food and vice versa. It is also possible to get universal spoons than can change color both in cold and hot solutions. The key thing you should note in such universal spoons is that they may change to more than one color based on the temperature of the food they are immersed in. You are, therefore, required to know specifically the different colors the spoon may change to depending on the temperature of the food they are in. Learn more about spoons at